Woodland Hills Home Care Services

Last year, home care became a hotly debated issue in California as a bill, Assembly Bill 1217, was proposed to require home care agencies to obtain a state license. This proposal is bound to affect the Woodland HIlls home care service situation as the bill aims to make agencies responsible for doing background checks on their caregivers. They will also be required to do an annual performance assessment and to actively supervise their caregivers’ activities in a client’s home every 90 days.

Is this a reasonable measure? In almost every aspect, this measure appears to make sense...

Preparations in Providing Care for the Elderly

Planning and preparation are doubtlessly useful in providing care for elderly people. This could be care for yourself as you grow old or for your parents or grandparents. In whichever case, it’s important to always bear in mind that preparation will save you from encountering serious problems in the future. This preparation, however, is not limited to having the money to be able to hire a care service provider. There are other things to take into account.

1. Readying your Family as You care for Your parents or Grandparents in Your Home

It is important to always assume that not everyone will be that willing to let their elderly stay with them. There will be possible problems especially if family problems happen too often...

Things You Need to Learn about Home Care

Also known as social and domiciliary care, home care refers to supportive care services provided by a healthcare professional or qualified caregiver in the home. The services could be medical or mostly supportive in nature. The goal of which is to help a person live his or her daily life while struggling with various conditions that prevent normal independent living.

Reasons for Getting Home Care

There are no specific set of reasons that prescribe whether home care is the appropriate option or not. As mentioned, the care services needed could be medical or non-medical in nature. The main distinguishing factor (as opposed to assistive care, nursing care, hospice care, adult care, and other types of care services) is the location where the care service is provided.

For most families, home ca...

What You Need to Understand about Elder Care

Elderly or elder care is a phrase most English speaker would easily understand. It is broadly defined as the specific type of care given to seniors or older people. However, it’s not really a very simple concept. There are aspects of it you may not really be that familiar. If you are thinking of or if you are in the process of getting elder care services, it would help knowing the following details:

5 Types of Elder Care Services

Caring for the elderly can  be through different forms. It could be through assisted living, long-term care, adult day care, nursing home care, hospice care, and home care.

  • Assisted living care is intended for elderly people who are no longer able to independently support themselves in doing day-to-day activities, especially those who are already afflicted by ...

Choosing a Senior Home Care Service Provider

Senior home care is a very broad term so it’s crucial to set qualifications and list qualities that are deemed to make a care service provider worth choosing. Someone who is a licensed practical nurse, a registered nurse, certified nursing assistant, social worker, home health aide, or a caregiver can be hired to do home care services for seniors. Even dietitians, speech and language pathologists, and physical and occupational therapists can be hired to provide home care for seniors.

The Nature of Senior Home Care

It is vital to understand what home care’s goals are and what it’s supposed to do for the person receiving it...

How to Choose a Personal Caregiver

A personal caregiver is someone who addresses the personal care needs of a person. Usually, a personal caregiver only works with one person, attending to all of this specific person’s needs and, to some extent, his or her wants. As such, a personal caregiver has to possess certain qualifications that are generally dependent on the person for whom the care services are intended.


There are no specific qualifications prescribed. In most cases, personal caregivers get their training while doing the actual job. A license or a specific designation is not required although preferable in some cases. For instance, if the person who needs the care services has a serious chronic illness, somebody who is a registered nurse or a certified nursing assistant would be more preferable...

Pointers in Getting Affordable Home Care

If you intend to employ the services of experienced home care providers, it’s important to think about your options even before the need arises. Being ready with your choices for affordable home care is always a good thing so you can avoid making hasty decisions. The following pointers should help as you narrow down your options:

1. Ask for recommendations from people you trust.

You can’t just entrust your loved one to anyone. If you are looking for someone who will be responsible for the care of your parents or grandparents, it makes sense asking for the insights of people you trust. Of course, you should only ask those who have useful knowledge about or real experience with caregiver services...